कला साहित्य

Smile that gain cosmic energy

This is a unknown story of negative part of positive work that happen in a very civilized society. When I was a elementary student I used to study theory ” every reaction has equal and opposite reaction”. So now I realize now the best civilization, there are worst part also.
This is a story of a one simple family. There were 7 family members. Husband and wife and 5 children. As 5 children, they had more age gap. Three of them were girls and two boys. They had migrated to the civilized country from one country where there was war . As there was war they could not live there, so to protect the family they migrated. Now the real story begins.
As they migrated to the new country, they had peace of mind and excitement to develop their life. There father was busy on working and earning. There mother was busy looking after 5 children. There eldest daughter was 13 years old and was in grade 7. Her name was  Rumi. She was talkative, frank and jolly person. So she was popular in the friends circle.

Rumi felt free of mind as she came out from war country. She also felt secure in the civilized country. Then started living like a girls around her.
Oneday as friends were doing gettogether in a playing ground, one of her friend brought marwana. As everybody smoked weed, she also liked to try and smoked it. After that in a senseless mind she started telling her personal secret life. That was the day which turn her life completely.
Actually in her family there was one very sensitive things. She was not real member of her family. That family made her false elder daughter and brought her in that land. She was daughter of distant relative of their family. So in a mutual understanding they brought her their for her better future. So Rumi told her friend about it. Now slowly one wolf in a community knows about it. Wolf name was Jones. Now slowly Jones started to make movement to make friend with Rumi family.
Jones was active member of that community. He started telling how to be citizen of that country and stay forever. He told how to do paperwork.

After that slowly Jones became good person to that family. He helped them to prepare paper to apply for their permanent residency and citizen. Now Jones know all the inner and secret part of their family. Since they ran away from the war they did not had all the paper. So Jones helped him to prepare false document because there were no other way. Jone was around 30 years of age.
Oneday Jone went Rumi home. Now in Rumi family, everybody thinking Jone as a very good person as a God for them. Everybody of the family had to go outside for appointment. But as Rumi was fourteen and managing her work by herself, she didnot need to go. So as everybody in the home think Jone as a good person, they told them to stay their and left. Now Rumi and Jones were in home. Jones told them he need to meet another person after few mins, so he will leave shortly.
Now nobody except Rumi and Jone were there. Jone told Rumi, ” See I have done so hard work to make paper work to make you PR. I have done because for you only. He told Rumi come close to me, no need to be afraid of anything. Rumi told Jones, its not good. Rumi told Jones your age amd mine is different and I haven’t thought having affair with you. Now Jones told Rumi that see I am doing all good to you and now also I am going to do good for you. He told Rumi that if I tell the government that you are pretended daughter then you all have to back in war again. So now also I am going to help you.
Now Rumi became shocked. Now she thought that, if she tell the truth all other family will suffered.
So she made smile face, that smile, that smile was turning point of her life. In that smile very powerful energy of universe enter inside. Actually she was not smiling and not happy. Now that powerful smile was going to do revolution. She thought at the moment I need to help my family. So her powerful smile continues until Jones want his desire.
After Jones left their home, she did not cry nor became sad. Because power of universe enter in her psychology. Now that psychology was going to direct her life.
Now she started watching each and everything in different point of view. Now psychology started to find such in everywhere.
She made research on each and every week person of the world. Now she found, how emotional blackmailing working in the world. How in civilized country, uncivilized work are going on.
In the immigration part Rumi found uncountable cases of emotional blackmailing. Still in 20th century modified slave, modified torches, modified emotional sexual harassment is common.
Another weak group of people were international student. They were targeted by the people who want use them for their benefits. The ill minded people used to give them very hard time. They used to give them hard work and give less money. The rules were very perfect for their protection. The rule practitioner even donot know there is such world where rules donot work because of different reason. But life is made upoff many things. Their residency status were very weak. So used to get lots of emotional black mailing.
Now she grow up making smile in each and every moments. Each time she used to smile, she used to gain energy.
In her home, in her friend circle, in her study, in the news, in the work, when she smiled the used to gain the energy. So she find each time her mysterious smile was making her strong from the cosmic energy.

Now her smile became the power of her life. When Rumi smiles, that means power working and something strange going to happen.
Now when people have get together, although she is with group, she used to be in another world. although she is singing her audience are not the get together team. Although she is in the group, she used to be untouched from that group. She started making herself busy on studying different scenario and people.
Slowly she find like her, lost of people were having emotional black mailing.
She started smoking weeds. That time for ladies to get weeds were not easy. So she used to get from one boy from her group. Again that boy started emotional blackmailing to her. She need to please that her friend in everything to get weeds. But she used to smile and used to say everybody, ” I love him”. But that smile was powerful and mysterious.
Her emotional blackmailing in her home was normal and usual.
But she found ladies of high rank families of civilized countries were also having emotional blackmailing. It was normal and found even ladies of big political families are also having same things.
Oneday Rumi was very sad. She went to the coffee shop and was in one corner. She looked around her and found one old lady little far from her. And that old lady looked like that she do not know much. So she started talking with her friend. She was crying and talking with her friends. That old lady was listening her conversation. After Rumi came out of coffee shop and started to smoke. Now she was 18 years old. Old lady came near to her and asked for cigarette. And they started talking with each other. They became friend. And they used to have coffee talk whenever they meet each other.
The old lady used to cry in the corner. When Rumi asked what happen that old lady used to say, tears come because of old age and tears come for nothing. Rumi was doing her biology course. Oneday she found that one product was very danger and it can be transmitted through any material. This product can make people to live far away. And don’t allow to touch one another.
Her other usal regular happening was going on continuously. Her cosmic energy gaining laugh was also her regular part of life. As she was suffering from these all things, her focus and study were on all such type of things.
One day she found team of wolf were playing big game. They made a virtual shadow team. And their team were reporting all other confidential things to this shadow and making party and enjoying. And they approached those people and taking benefit from these people. Even they making crash between family. They were successful in making abnormal to the targeted people. They used to make either husband or wife abnormal. They had those virtual shadow which help them to work by reporting and doing party.
And other interesting things she found was that the some people who were made abnormal were again successful in making abnormal to those people who were involved in virtual shadow team. Sometime she used to be sad, sometime used to be surprised and sometime used to be confused.

As she was not close to anybody and family, she used to talked with that old lady. The old lady used to listen to her and used to feel sorry to her. When Rumi told the old lady that I am powerless, so I cannot do anythings, the old lady used to say that its not like that. The old lady again said to Rumi that even powerful person also can not do whatever they like and used to smile like before.

Oneday the Rumi told the old lady that how the pandemic diseases had happened in the past. How the lifestyle of people of world changed after those pandemic diseases. The old lady used to listen her talking very interestingly. The lady also used to like to talk with her because she had no close person.

But Rumi never did harm to anybody or never gave wrong suggestion to anybody. While talking with lady she told the formula of those material. That material which donot allowed people to touch each other. So old lady wrote the formula.

In the same way as usal the life were going on. Oneday Rumi was drinking coffee in the coffee shop and listening news, she got so much surprised that same material was found and spreading on the other part of the world. And slowly it is spreading all over the world. Rumi get shocked. In the news it was saying that now in the world it is not allowed to touch each other until and unless without having checked by medical expert and giving permission by society like of those stone age time. And Rumi saw old lady was sitting on the corner and listening news. Rumi went close to her and said hi to her. Old lady as usal smiled in innocent face and raised her hand and said have best in life.

Slowly this material spread all over the world.  There is a saying that the person who is suffered from infinity torcher and pain can not harm other person. Rumi when she heard the news that all world is suffered by this material, she used to be worried. Although she was suffering grom lots of problem, she wants other to be happy. So as biology researcher, she also find the formula to be protected from this medicine. She was not sure to whom to tell because she had nobody to believe. She tried through social media ( website) but people were not sure as it was not authentic. So she thought some time luck also work. Rumi went to the coffee shop, but the store was closed. Found old lady on ther side of the street. She thought if I tell this formula to this old lady, may be all people will get by luck. So she gave formula to be protected from that material. Old lady wrote the formula.
The spreading of that material was continue. And slowly the life style of people changed. The old lady watched the news that the lifestyle of people need to change and it became habit and culture. After that news in the media everybody change their life style. After the three days of this habit changing news another news came that protective material have been discovered.
Slowly coffee store opened with new protective culture.
Rumi went to drink coffee in that coffee store. In the coffee store most of the people were sad. And saw one condolence paper attached on one corner. In that paper there was a photo of that same old lady and she passed away 3 hours ago. Rumi got shocked. And she heard the people talking on the side of her. They were saying that old lady was a highly educated person of a very big family and some wrong person did emotional black mailing to her. So she had started living like just normal and simple person.
Rumi know how to make smile on her face to gain cosmic energy. But this time there was smile, gaining energy and drops of tear also.