हेल्पिङ्ग हेण्डस क्यानाडा द्वारा प्रेष बिज्ञप्ति जारि ।

NRNA क्यानडा विशेष

हेल्पिङ्ग हेण्डस क्यानाडाले  हालै संचालनमा ल्यायको कोभिड  – १९ राहत कोषको सबंधमा हालसम्म भय गरेका कामहरुको बिस्तृत बिबरड़ सहित बिज्ञप्ति जारि गरि आम समुदाय, सुबेच्चकहरु तथा  दाताहरुलाइ जानकारी गराएको छ, बिज्ञप्ति अनुसार कोषमा अझै केहि रकम बाकि रहेको र आबस्यक्ता अनुसार भबिस्यमा  कोभिड  – १९ अन्तर्गत खर्च गरि पुन समुदायमा जानकारी गराइने प्रतिबद्धता सस्थाका निर्देशन राजन श्री छत्कुलीले गराउनु भयको छ।

Dear Donors, Community members, Fundraising Committee, and Council Committee members,

Helping Hands Without Borders Canada (HHwB) initiated the fundraising campaign in March 2020 to support the needy people including Nepali international students in Canada and organizations most affected by the COVID-19. Other important objectives of the campaign were to help the local institutions strenuously working to provide care to the needy people in the community and extend our solidarity and appreciation for their incredible job. This phase of fundraising campaign has successfully concluded with encouraging supports from all sectors of Nepali diaspora not only in Canada, but also from North America as well.

HHwB would like to thank the members of HHwB Covid-19 National Fundraising committee and Advisory Council who worked collectively and tirelessly to bring the fundraising campaign to a successful level even in this stressful period of global pandemic. Many thanks to all well-wishers and generous contributors who supported to this common cause.

Besides fundraising activities, HHwB has also initiated a database of international students of Nepali origin in Canada and has been working together with the Nepal Embassy in Ottawa, international students, NRNA, and other community organizations in Canada to help the needy students to tackle the current situation. HHwB directly helped to settle the housing issues of some students and distributed items of daily needs to several international students of Nepali origin studying in colleges and Universities of Ontario. Arrangements were also made to provide professional services to 55 international students of Nepali origin to address their tax filing issues through the help of tax professionals on an honorary basis. HHwB has also filed a petition on behalf of International students in Canada. The petition has already been signed by more than 275 people. Similarly, it has facilitated needy students to access emotional support and necessary counseling through community organizations and individuals and has mobilized its resources in various parts of the country including Atlantic Canada.

Despite being a relatively new Canadian federal not for profit corporation, HHwB has a glorious history of working hand in hand with Nepali and Canadian community organizations, leaders, professionals, and dignitaries during different difficult times of need, in Canada or in Nepal. We believe that we can make a difference by working together and will continue our efforts in the future as well with full spirit!

Once again, HHwB would like to extend our sincere thanks to your continuous support, cooperation, and advice. It is due to your support and guidance HHwB has been able to move forward to achieve its goal for the fundraising total amount $ 5,284.81(CAD Five Thousand two hundred eighty four and eighty one cents only) for this global pandemic, COVID -19.

The organization has decided to distribute the generated funds to pandemic relief efforts in Canada and Nepal. During the first stage of our relief initiatives, besides providing immediate financial relief total amount $ 1725 to international Nepali students in Ontario, Calgary and Saskatchewan. Similarly Helping Hands without Border Canada (HHwB) has decided to provide funds $555 to NRNA Canada for the support of International Nepali students, $401 to the Guelph General Hospital Guelph, $401 to the Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, $401 to the Food Bank Canada. Similarly, it is also providing immediate relief $ 615 to a highly vulnerable Nepali Family affected by COVID -19 in Nepal. Given the uncertainty of this pandemic , the remaining fund $1,281.81 has been kept as a contingency fund which could be used whenever needed. Moving forward, HHwB will continue to share regular updates on its COVID-19 relief initiatives. We look forward to working together in the future.

Helping Hands Without Border Canada (HHwB) would like to sincerely thank following donors who made generously contributed to the HHwB’s fundraising. The names are placed alphabetically. Among this, one of the donor did not want to disclose his name. Once again. HHwB would like to thanks to these generous donors who supported us.

1. Mr. Anil Thapa
2. Mr. Atul Subedi
3. Ms. Ani Bhattarai
4. Mr. Abi Bhattarai
5. Mr. Bhojraj Bhatt
6. Mr. Bhabi Naupane
7. Mr. Bishal Ghimire
8. Mr. Bhanubhakta Acharya
9. Mr. Bishnu Aryal
10. Mr. Bishnu Hari Bhandari
11. Mr. Buddhi P Oli (President-NPCC ,Canada)
12. Mr. Bidhya Bhusan Karki
13. Mr. Choodamani Luitel
14. Mr. Sharad Poudel, CPA
15. Dr. Hari Gurung
16. Dr.Tulsi Dharel
17. Mr. Dipak Gautam
18. Dr. Purna Kandel
19. Mr. Deepak Sapkota
20. Mr. Dadhi Aryal
21. Mr. Deben Subedi
22. Mr. Dhirendra Shahi
23. Mr. Durga Chapagai
24. Mr. Gouri Raj Joshi-Secretary NRNA
25. Mr. Gaurab Tewari
26. Mr. Hemanta Raj Mainali
27. Mr. Hem Raj Pandey
28. Mr. Jyoti Vaidya
29. Mr. Krishna (Bhaba)Acharya
30. Mr. Krishna Timsina
31. Mr. Keshab Dahal
32. Mr. Krishna P Poudel
33. Mr. Laxman Subedi
34. Mr. Madhab Bastakoti
35. Mr. Niranjan Thapa-Vice President,GPK foundation
36. Mr. Narendra Kumar Mainali
37. Mr. Narendra Pudasaini
38. Mr. Nilkantha Poudel
39. Mr. Prakash Gyawali
40. Mr. Punya Bickram Shahi
41. Mr. Rajan Tripathi – RC NRNA, America Region
42. Mr. RC Pokhrel -DRC NRNA America Region
43. Mr. Raju Thapa- www.aimkhabar.com
44. Mr. Ramesh Karkee (Karkee Law Form)
45. Mr. Raj Kumar Mahat
46. Mr. Rishi Ram Gaire
47. Mr. Ramesh Baniya
48. Mr. Ravi Man Singh Basnet
49. Mr. Rishab Bhatt
50. Ram Babu Thapa- (President- NJSS,Canada))
51.Mr. Shaligram Aryal
52.Mr. Shital Hari Gautam
53.Mr. Suman Chaulgai (Bhardwaj)
54.Mrs. Sabita Poudel
55.Mr. Sukdev(Raju) Baral
56.Mr. Sishir Pandey
57.Mr. Surya Sapkota
58.Mr. Sunanda Subedi
59.Mr. Shiva Dallakoti
60.Mr. Surendra L Shrestha
61.Ms. Sabhayata Sharma (Daugher of Bimala Sapkota)
62.Mr. Shambhu Lohani
63.Mr. Suresh Rajaure
64.Mr. Shailendra Chapagain
65.Mr. Tosta Raj Karki (General Secretary-NPCC,Canada)
66.Mr. Ujwal C Gautam

BoD of Helping Hands without Border Canada also contributed to the fundraising:

1. Mr. Anjani R. Bhattarai-Coordinator
2. Mr. Rajan Shree Chhatkuli
3. Mr. Rishi K Ghimire
4. Mr. Rabindra Acharya
5. Dr.Gopal Pathak

Rajan Shree Chhatkuli
National Fundraising Coordinator
Helping Hands Without Border and HHwB family, Canada