NRNA क्यानडा विशेष स्वास्थ्य

Non-Resident Nepali Association National Coordination Council Canada ( NRNA NCC Canada) with all Nepali Community based organizations in Canada are collectively raising Emergency Fund to support the affected persons of COVID -19. They have been actively working on behalf of Nepali Communities in Canada to support Nepalese people in Canada or in Nepal when needed. NRNA Canada is raising emergency funds this time to support Nepali Communities living in Canada providing basic protective equipment, and basic supplies. They are planning to assist international students in Canada from Nepal, visitors including parents and grandparents, newcomers, front-line health professionals and other community members who really need support from us at this pandemic.

They are also pleased to inform you NRNA Canada has decided to donate NRS. 100000 (One Lakh) to the ‘Emergency Fund of Nepal Government COVID 19 either by transferring amount to the account or by providing emergency healthcare equipments or basic supplies. The donated amount is a symbolic amount with a message that NRNA Canada is standing with Nepal to combat against the COVID 19 Pandemic.

The Honorary Consulate General of Nepal in Toronto Dr. Kunjar Sharma is coordinating the committee. The fundraising committee and NRNA Canada reserve rights to allocate the collected fund on a priority basis.

COVID 19 Emergency Fund Raise Committee members:

Coordinator: Dr. Kunjar Sharma, Honorary Consulate General of Nepal to Canada

Joint Coordinator: Nabaraj Gurung, Former Advisor, NRNA ICC

Deputy Coordinator: Ashish Bhattarai, President of Approval Genie

Deputy Coordinator: Nima (Sherpa) McElhinney, Women of the year NRNA Canada 2020

Saroj Bhattarai: Treasurer, NRNA Canada

Ishor Khatri: Youth Coordinator, NRNA Canada and another 45 members.