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BHA ‘strict liabilty’ regime on steroids in tatters after Morrison verdict

“Young people want to get muscular body instantly. As a result of suggestion from gym workers and friends, they start taking hormones. Hormonal drugs are on sale. There is no control whatsoever. I have witnessed how even hormonal pills are used for animals raised for slaughter, “admits the owner of a bodybuilding salon, who wished to remain anonymous..

Synthetic hormones used in bodybuilding are ruining the lives of young people. These funds can be readily available on the Internet, street market stalls, gyms, some pharmacies and cause organ failure and death..

Among the drugs most commonly used in bodybuilding, growth hormone-containing anabolic androgenic steroids such as testosterone, trenbolone, methandienone, boldenone and multipower come to the fore..

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young people

The confessions of the owner of the bodybuilding salon Y.A., who wished to remain anonymous, warn of the imminent danger of these drugs. Claiming that young people in such salons are focused on the use of hormonal drugs, Y.A. notes: “Young people want to have a muscular body in the moment. As a result of suggestion from gym workers and friends, they start taking hormones. Hormonal drugs are on sale. There is no control whatsoever. I have witnessed even hormonal pills being used for slaughter animals. Is it possible to build muscle mass naturally in just a few months? With the help of drugs, this becomes possible in 4 to 5 months. Only for the sake of the outer shell very young bodies perish. At the same time, salons offering natural ways of acquiring a shape are practically not in demand “.

Anyone who comes to the gym for an inspection is limited to checking a business license, notes Y.A., continuing: “I have been running this salon for a long time. And during all this time there was not a single check of the health status of clients. In my opinion, a lot needs to be done in this area. First of all, it is necessary to introduce the mandatory registration. The participation of specialists who, coming to the gym, will conduct explanatory conversations with young best one andriol side effects to transform your andriol people involved in bodybuilding about the dangers of this kind of drugs is important. If necessary, an analysis of the level of hormones should be carried out. But all this must be done as soon as possible. The health of future generations is in danger. It would also be helpful to stimulate the withdrawal of hormonal drugs when doing bodybuilding. Even me these strange forms are disgusting “.

19-year-old A.K. told that for two years he has been engaged in bodybuilding, taking anabolics three times a day. For about six years using such drugs, 27-year-old M.S. confesses: “Lately I have been constantly feeling tired. I learned from the doctors that my heart and liver were enlarged. The doctors said it could be hormone related. For a while I stopped taking them, and sagging spots appeared on my body. I continued to use hormones again “.

young people

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Sakarya University, Professor Ramazan Akdemir (Ramazan Akdemir) focuses on the fact that the unconscious use of synthetic hormonal drugs leads to disruption of all functions of the heart. “There equipoise results the 9 best boldenone of 2019 drugs is not only an increase in muscle mass, but also damage to blood vessels and aorta, which after a certain time inevitably leads to a heart attack or heart failure. In addition, steroid use often causes buy test prop hypertension, which can become chronic, ”warns Akdemir.

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Specialist in the field of internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolic diseases Dr. Mehmet Çölbay emphasizes that drugs containing anabolic androgenic steroids first of all destroy the reproductive system, and then the entire balance in the body. Chelbai recalls his patient who previously took such medications: “It was a bodybuilder for 29 years. He complained of symptoms that persisted for a month: exhaustion, weight loss, fever, cough, bleeding gums. We learned that for a total of 3 years he has been using anabolic androgens at intervals. After analyzing the bone marrow, our patient was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. ” Chelbay also warns: hormone-containing drugs are often imported from abroad, while some firms manage to get approval from the Ministry of Agriculture, but “permitted does not mean not harmful”.

An autopsy revealed

At the Heart of a Vast Doping Network, an Alias

An autopsy after the death of a heart attack veterinarian Batuhan Tayfun, an employee of the Health Department of Kocaeli City Hall, who was engaged in bodybuilding, taking hormones, revealed the threat to the human body posed by steroids. An autopsy showed that due to hormonal drugs, his heart was enlarged three times more than normal, his lungs, liver and kidneys were destroyed..