“PEACE OF MIND” – Poem E. Manakjee ‘Jena’

English News कला साहित्य मनाेरंजन

Er.  Mankajee Shrestha

There seems to be peace in the papers
Peace in the songs and in lectures
Peace in the workshop & auditorium halls
So many kinds of peace- deals
But, paradoxically, no sign of any heal
As if- water, water everywhere not a drop to drink.

People are dying more & more
People are crying even more
Politicians go for /waging wars and wars
In the name of peace but yielding only tears


So, the question here is endless, as to why?
So that no one is unhappy & no one cry
To me there is only one peace- kind
Which is the- bottom line- kind?
That is – the very peace of mind.