Successful project from Blood Transfusion System (Technology Transfer) Committee of NRNA Canada


शेयर गर्नु होस ।

Blood Transfusion System (Technology Transfer) Committee of NRNA (BTS-COM) NRNA Global Academy, is a body of Nepalese Diaspora professionals and social workers supporting in safe & sufficient blood transfusion service; primarily aligned to support, educates and facilitate innovative activities to strengthen safer blood transfusion service of Nepal.

Blood Transfusion System (Technology Transfer) Committee of NRNA Canada would like to express our sincere thanks to all the sponsors for supporting in our fundraising campaign aimed at buying Blood donation chairs for Blood Bank in Nepal. A total of $1500 was collected and fund was transferred to NRNA Blood transfusion system fund, NRNA headquarter in Kathmandu. The amount was utilized to buy 10 Blood donation chairs, which were handed over to the Blood Banks of Nepal Red Cross Society Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. We are deeply touched and humbled by the show of support and compassion by all of you.

Our upcoming project is to donate a mobile blood donation Bus for Chitwan Blood Bank in Nepal.  Chitawan District is Medical Hub of Nepal and facing a lot of challenges due to short supply of blood. We are confident that having a Mobile donation Bus in Chitwan Blood Bank will improve quality of Blood collection system and increase number of donations in Nepal. Cost of mobile blood donation bus is expected to be 50,000 USD and we have been able to raise 15,743 USD so far globally. We would like to appeal Nepalese diaspora in Canada to be part of this project and support us in our fundraising campaign!

Once again Thank you all the sponsors for your generous contribution.